Is this what OVERTHINKING looks like?


I’m curious tenner

what technique is this,exactly,watercolor pencil? ofc, its very interesting and creative.

What medium did you use? This came out great.

The title is apt! as is the “decoration”. A suitable representation for “over thinking”.

LOVE IT. Mixed Medium. I do the same sort of thing after painting in oils. I fold the paper palette I’ve used and fold it over and squash the paints together. Sometimes I end up rubbing them together and lay them out to dry. I use this method and see what I see when it is dry, Sort of like laying on your back, watching the clouds, and trying to find things in them. Then I use a marker and draw what I see when I look at it. Sometimes nobody sees what I see. It is what it is. A beautiful take on using your medium and making art out of it. I’d like to see more. Very relaxing. Very artistic. I don’t think you are “over-thinking”

Lenora a/k/a ‘lilnora’
but I like being called ArtistLittleNora

It was a very fun piece to work on. I was attempting to use watercolor pens and well this is what came out of it lol…