Old Lady in Orange Hat

Love it! Finally got back to where I am supposed to be, I think. So here is another picture that I did a few years ago and gave it to my brother-in-law. It is done in mixed medium using pastels, hard and soft, pen & ink, and colored pencils and graphite.


This is great. Love it!

This is very good. Thanks for posting!

Thank you, Denise. I think this one of my favorite pictures I have done so far.

Jack, thanks to you for your kind comment. I really enjoyed drawing/painting this.

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This caught my eye, very different and nicely done. tom

Thank you Tomee43. Sometimes I wish I had not given it to my B-n-L. But he loved it. He hung it up over his mantle. I really enjoyed drawing this one. What mame do you want to be refered to? This user name or your ‘real’ name? I’m very rusty uusing colored pencils. But will post the one I just finished. It might be too light to show up. Lenora

tom is good , well if your work is displayed in a prominent place someone else is enjoying it too. That is the best type of compliment. tom

Thank you Tom! That means a lot to me. Lenora