Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021

Please receive my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021. These puppies are a symbol of our need to cuddle.
Made on pastelmat with pastelpencils of Caran d, Ache and soft pastels from Schmincke


Unfortunately, I did not learn Dutch as a child. I was born in Belgium but moved to Canada when I was 7…
I am hoping that this computer translation is accurate:
Bedankt voor dit mooie schilderij. Een goede gezondheid voor jou in het nieuwe jaar. (Let me know what it says :grinning:)
:beers: :clinking_glasses:

My compliments for your wish in Dutch! You said: thank you for this nice painting and good health for you in this new year.
My wish was: Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
And for you: a healthy and colorfull 2021!, Albertine

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So what language did you use in Canada? I know I would be lost in some places because I never learned a foreign language in HS (neither French nor Latin). Now that I am married to a man of French decent, I would like to speak French although he doesn’t either. His granddaddy was a first-generation American. He worked at the sugar refinery in Louisiana and the people he worked with taught him English when he was going to be the boiler man in the new plant in Georgia, but he could speak ‘Pejan’ with no problem and could cuss like a sailor when he did - in French. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet him. Sounded like a great person and gave his 8 children the gift of playing pranks on others and they did.

I used French because we moved to the province of Quebec where French is the dominant language. The rest of Canada is English speaking. When I started working for an international company, I had to communicate in English with our customers so I learned. That is also how I met my husband, born and bred English Canadian (from Montreal). I love learning languages so a few years ago I decided to take Spanish classes. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone with whom to practice my Spanish. I wish my Dad had taught me some Flemish (a form of Dutch spoken in Belgium). French can be challenging for English speaking people because it is a little more rigid than English (in English, the sky is the sky and the ocean is the ocean, but in French there is a gender applied to those words such as “le ciel” - masculine - and “la mer” - feminine. In that sense, it is similar to Spanish. If you want to learn just a little, when not look up Duolingo on the internet. It is fun and free. :smiley:

Great. I’ll check out the Duolingo. Thanks. I kept telling my oldest son that he needed to continue his Spanish. He is so dark and his nickname is “Taco” (his friends call him that). He really looks very Hispanic. Told him that he could make a lot of money translating either for the court system or at a hospital. But, like a lot of teenagers (at the time) he only took Spanish because a foreign language was required. I took ‘Mechanical Drawing’ instead of a foreign language but the school counselor was the teacher and I did not care for her. She wanted me to take Home Ec. My mother went to the principal and told him that ‘she’ could (and would) teach me how to sew, cook, and learn to set a table for a large group of people. I was the only girl in the class and the guys said that I was the teacher’s pet. But, he was very easy on the eyes, too.

Sorry but I do not like that you keep exchanging comments under my Christmas card/pastel. The Community is not created for that.

My apologies Albertine. I should have thought of that when Lilnora sent me her message. I should have realized that and contacted her by e-mail (I believe this can be done so we keep our chit chat separate from the forum).

I won’t do it again and I promise that I will be careful in the future when replying to other comments. Thanks for reminding me of this. Have a safe and healthy holiday season. (And, please, keep sharing your wonderful art - I really enjoy it).


I’m sorry, too. Won’t do it again (hopefully). I still have problems navigating this site. Learning a new email program, too
Lenora - ArtistLittleNora

I’m not doing that now. Sorry Lenora (ArtistLittleNora)