Monkey and Cherries

This is a Lion Haired Tamarin done with soft pastels on velour paper:

And this is a pair of cherries done with carbothello pastel pencils on velour paper:

I am very pleased with the cherries, because I just about gave up several times when I was starting. I plugged along and got through it.


Ginny! I love both of these, but although the cherries are great, I am particularly attracted to the monkey. Perhaps because of the look in his eyes… as if he is looking at those cherries thinking they would be delicious to eat?


If that monkey saw those cherries, I know he would be thinking that exactly! LOL! Thanks Patricia. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Both of them are just lovely.

I, too, like the look in the monkey’s eyes. They draw you in.

Absolutely brilliant painting. I love the softness and background texture of your cherry painting.