Two Cherries for Mom's Pie

Cherries with Prismacolor and Derwent colored pencils. My favorite pie as a child was cherry pie made from cherry tree in the back of our house. Strolling down memory lane here.
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BF and I would eat these when we were back in school. Off the Cherry tree on the corner of a church property. We’d climb up in it and sit and eat them. Very good drawing. I like that you have brought back memories. Actually we’ll suck the meat off and spit out the pits.
Lenora Andre

I agree with lilnora it does bring back memories. I remember climbing out of our cherry tree and falling out of it picking for pies my mom was making, I didn’t get hurt, but the pies was good. I do like the Two Cherries very nice. Great job, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Nora, I appreciate the comment.

Thank you Jim. Your story rings home for sure!
God bless,