Mr Giraffe Says Hello

Continuing my jungle friends during this quarantine :wink:


One of my favorite animals and it looks almost three dimensional; like he has stuck his head outside the mat. Very expressive!

Thank you Jody for the kind words. I too enjoy giraffes…

I have been working on creating that three dimensional look you noticed. So glad to know my efforts were successful. I worked on him off and on for about 4 weeks and many times felt an urge to discard him for fear of not doing the subject justice.

He, I assume is absolutely adorable.

Thank you Patsy. I agree, love giraffes :wink:

A fun piece of art to look at! Thanks for the time and effort on this one.

Thank you Jack. I had my “moments” while working on him, but persevered anyway…glad I did. Mat is teaching me to have patience with my work.


Love it! Looks like a very curious giraffe. Thanks for sharing. Patricia.

Glad you enjoyed him…

Thank you,