Mr Owl in various graphite leads

I think Mr Owl has had enough of this quarantine :wink:


Great work, love art with owls :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel like he is looking right into a window and saying “why aren’t they coming out?” Great job, I love this.

Hi Paula,

Thank you! First time I tried an owl…challenging, but fun :wink:

Thank you Jim…my sentiments exactly

This is lovely. I like it very much.

Thank you Denise. I appreciate your kind words. I find that I enjoy working with graphite and charcoal the most

What a beautiful face! Yes, he’s in a very stern mood!

His disapproving stare reminds us that we should wear a mask when we are among the public - as it’s the “wise” thing to do!

Great rendering and he has so much expression and personality.

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for the positive remarks! I love working with graphite and charcoal.

I agree wholeheartedly regarding the necessity of masks while out in public!