My Bluejay Study

First time I have posted here
LOVED this exercise!


welcome, Roberta! That’s a great job on the bluejay. I hope you enjoy the forum. It’s a great place for feedback and looking at others’ art.


Hi Roberta - always nice to see new forum members. I love blue jays and you did a nice job with this one. Sure hope you continue to share your work here.

Terri Robichon

Thank you so much! This is all super fun!

Thank you so much , Terry!

AMAZING! :scream: Excellent use of values and the feathered effect around the bird to stand out from the background is incredible! Oh, and welcome! Jesus loves you!!!

Thank you so much!
(and He does indeed—even tho I bring absolutely nothing to the table!)

Great Job. Love it. Can’t wit to see what else you have to share

Thank you, Denise!
I’m currently working on some of the Skull studies, from the Portrait series. Not good, but I can see the progress, little by little.
Thanks again!

Yup - it’s all about practice. I even notice when I go awhile without using one of the media (say watercolors), that my skills get rusty. Hang in there because the journey is very rewarding.

Terri Robichon