Blue Jay resting on Water Fountain Digital Painting

I still see a lot of problem areas (as we all do with our own work), but I’m ready to move on to another project for now. Eventually, I would like to paint a series of all my favorite backyard birds, but having done two birds in a row, my next subject will be something else :laughing:

I used my own pictures for reference.

Painting Time-lapse For anyone interested, here’s a link to a video timelapse of my process.


Awesome, awesome! As for constructive criticism, I think that the composition of the piece could be shifted(like, how the viewers’ eye is led and retained throughout the piece) The bird, fountain, and rail are all nice, but I think the top area feels a little too high or blank(my opinion :sweat_smile: ) Also, one thing I’ve learned about doing digital art is utilizing blur, but I’m not sure of your process, especially since this is a painting. IF the bird and maybe fountain were on a different layer than the rest of the background, applying a blur filter(I use gaussian) helps the bird become the focal point even more, just like a camera focuses on the main subject. Hope I explained that well?? :smile: :clap: It’s exciting to see more digital art around here, and your photographs are art as well! You have a great eye @Migster , well done!


I agree with the focal point and brightness.

It’s a great work with the details captured, only I’d crop it off to the lower right 2/3 or 3/4 to get the blinding sun from grabbing attention before finding the bird. As for the bird, very realistic! I’d almost add a tint of grey to the white feathers protruding from the tail, even though they’re white in the reference, it looks like a spot you forgot to fill in or something. That’s your call though, part of being the artist. Maybe tint the breast feathers a touch warmer to match the sun and reference colors, might be why the white on the tail looks too white to me. Still way better than anything I could have done so don’t assume my advice is super-artman stuff!


I think you’ve had some great feedback from the others. I’ll just say that I love the bird and your work. I have no clue about digital painting, but I DO love birds! They are my other hobby besides art. I have decided and advised by others that birds seem to be my forte as far as drawing and developing with my chosen medium. Blue jays are so overlooked, yet so beautiful. I’ve done the Blue Jay drawing in the Three Little Birds lessons, and I’ve completed two bird drawings from my own photos – one Australian bird and the most recent being a male bluebird and his nestling.

Keep up the good work. The secret is practice, practice, practice. Look forward to seeing more of your art.


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Thank you all for the feedback! I agree with all the suggestions. I’ll revisit this painting at some point, make some changes, and repost it here.

@Brenda I feel the same way about Blue Jays. I’m happy that I now have a flock of them that come to my feeders every morning. They can sometimes be bullies to other birds, but I always enjoy watching them. The Blue Jay from the Three Little Birds lessons pretty much made me join this site :blush: Every time I’d see it in an intro video from Getting Sketchy, I’d admire it, and it made me want to learn how to create something like it.

I’ve been trying to work on other subjects, but I’m always drawn back to the birds. Not sure what it is, but drawing/painting them just seems to make sense to me :man_shrugging:t3: and I just think they’re beautiful. Some day I hope I can produce pieces like amyshawley on Instagram (love her work) :grin:

Anyway, I’m currently trying out a new painting program (Rebelle) and I’m really loving it. Despite working digitally, I prefer art that has a traditional media look to it.

This is what I’ve managed on my first try working with the oil brushes. Of all the programs I’ve tried, I find this one to be the best and easiest to work with to get a realistic oils look to it. Whenever I do decide to revisit the Blue Jay painting, I think I’ll rework it in this program to make it look more like an oil/acrylic painting.

Wow - that is impressive! I think it looks wonderful and I am in awe of your skill with the digital painting. I have been messing around with procreate and so far not much luck!

@junenez Thank you! I’ve been playing with Procreate a bit here and there when I’m away from home, but other than quick sketches, I haven’t really done much with it. I’m much more comfortable working on my desktop with a much larger pen display :grin:

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Looks great! How does the Rebelle paint software compare to Corel Painter (Formerly Fractal Design Painter, also just “Painter”)?