Not art as such but a hand made sketch book

Had some over sized watercolour paper which is too large to carry around, so folded it and made my first bound sketch pad :heart::grinning::muscle: never bound a book before


Very nice. I love to make books, too. You did a good job keeping it tight.

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Good job. Keep it up… Love it.

What a great idea! I sometimes will cut up into card size smaller pieces and experiment. Sometimes a card works out to be send-able.

By making a sketchbook of your own paper you can make it out of 100% cotton paper. I’ve been looking for a sketchbook in 100% cotton and have only found one and it is really expensive.

I’m inspired!


Wow, that’s so cool! :exploding_head: :star_struck: You created a piece of art to draw your art in, awesome!

I LOVE making my own books, especially with leather. You did a great job!!!:heart::heart::heart:

that will make a very special sketchbook