Rat in my sketchbook

:smiley: catchy title huh?

Just another quick ink

sketch from my sketchbook.


Looks good. I’d like to have a picture that detailed in my sketchbook. So far I have about 15 pages and tore them up! LOL!!!


Great Job. I Love it.

I don’t think you should tear them up. Fill the book as time goes on and then put it in a box in the closet. Open it and look a year later.

I’ll try that, I have done portraits of my sons, with the same thing, tearing them up. I will stop doing that. I think it is because I have been out of the art world, except for about 45 years (more or less), I still have not attempted the “25 Days to a Better Drawing” or the other early lessons.


I have not done any of this type art until the last couple years since the 1980’s. I still don’t measure up to what I could do back then…well…maybe I thought too highly of myself back then :grinning:
I also still don’t put much time in it. I still work and most days just can’t get interested. That is ok, I do it for fun.

I think I was more driven in my college/art school days. I thought I was ‘hot’ insofar as my artwork went. After art school, I took a long break because I had had it 'shoved down my throat when I attended art school. Before that, I had taken private art lessons and could do it at my leisure for pleasure. Matt and Ashley teach just like Houser Smith did when I took art from him. He was well-known for his Crayola Crayon paintings (I would refer to it as painting not drawing because of the details). After our lesson(s) we could watch him as long as we wanted to, so long we did not ask questions about his technique. He would use Crayola crayons, pastels, graphite and they were covered by a piece of wax paper. One day I asked him if he used the wax paper so he could iron them to get the ‘smooth look’. They were almost 3-/4-dimensional. He got up in a huff and said ‘he had to go check on his Mama’. I have about 200 crayons and if I could sit down and do it, without thinking I had to finish in one sitting, maybe I could come up with a veiled imitation of how it worked for him. I think I hit a nerve.

Well, I am retired so there is no excuse for me to draw or paint. I have to stay off the Internet art supply houses and out of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby because I would destroy a $100 bill in a heartbeat, Maybe we should both keep each other doing our art and not having many excuses. Tomorrow being Monday, I should sit down and start the “25 Days to Better Drawings” We’ll see how that goes, I have just enjoyed watching his videos classes. I have taken all the certificates showing that we did the entire lesson, just to see what I remember from private lessons and school. I’m sure it will make a huge difference.

Lenora Andre

I am past retirement age and capable of retiring financially but still hate to give up the steady paycheck. As for art supplies, I have more stuff than I can use up if I have another lifetime. :grinning: But I am always up for looking for more.

Me, too - but I have been ‘disabled/retired’ for 20 years, but I still miss working. Had a great boss and loved my job. Husband won’t quit working for the same reason as you. I have more art supplies than I would ever use in my lifetime too. My husband has told me not to get online and search for more art supplies than I have already. He won’t take me to Michael’s or Hobby for the same reason. The only thing I have not bought is a good set of watercolors, and I don’t dare use the one I have for anything that I would want to do and show anywhere. I did some watercolors years ago, and some were pretty good, IMHO. If I can make my paintings on my printer to show up, I might put them only on this site. The only problem is I forgot the directions down about posting to the site. Lot of people and I thought Oh, no reason to write this down, I will remember it. WRONG!!! LOL!!! ROTFLMAO!!!


I have some Renesans watercolor and some Sennelier and a few others. All of better quality than I know how to make use of. But I have been thinking of just going to walmart and getting some Prang.

Side story:
A long time ago I had a cheap guitar from a department store. I did it for fun and wasn’t very good. I met a professional and he used my guitar and it sounded fantastic. Nothing like me.

I am a firm believer in it is the artist not the material. I am just a supply freak because I can and it is fun but I am not good enough to make use of its capabilities. When materials actually limit what you are doing, then it is time to get better material but better material won’t make me a better artist.
I am ok with that.

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HAHAHA! I am a supply freak, and the storage drawers are right here beside my LR chair, so no real reason for me to not use them. I’ve got so many pencils and pastels I could open my own store.