Octoped….a bit of fun!

I love cycling (Peloton fanatic) and the undersea world so used this and an image in a childrens comic for this. Any feedback would be welcome.


Very well done. What Medium did you use?

Thank you….it was all ink work which worked well to achieve the details :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wonderful!!! Right as I rolled down, I kept saying to myself, "Damn, you’re right it is an octopus riding on a bicycle. This would make a great T-shirt logo for a bike club up or down in the country where bike clubs ride where octopus are found - FL or maybe other East Coast states. You showed take a copy for a logo, but you need to ‘copywrite’ it first. Or a frame shop to sell. You could get prints made and make the a series if signed and numbered. I have a could who paint and have a frame business. He paints for Ducks Unlimited and the Turkey Federation and in this part of the country he is well-known. Some of his originals sell for 1,000’s of $$$. He makes prints all the time. How did you come up with the idea? I don’t think I am that good (yet) to do something from my imagination, but I am trying.

Lenora Andre


Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face: I’m UK based and it’s copy written. It does print well…I tested it out on some cushions in my ‘fish room’ at home. I really appreciate your comments :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re welcome. I wish I knew how to follow someone so I can always make sure I see their latest post

Lenora Andre - "artistlittlenora.mitchell@gmail.com

That’s a great motivational comment and a very good idea! I can see t-shirts with this print selling well.:slightly_smiling_face:

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GO for it. you did say it was copyrighted? Make some $$$$ from it, too!

Lenora André “artistlittlenora.mitchell@gmail.com

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