Orchid in colored pencil


So pretty! The various values of purple in the petals is really nice! Thank you for sharing! :smile: :clap: :hibiscus:

Love this purple orchid. Very nicely done

Thank you for the encouragement

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Thank you June.The photo reference was my own orchid that bloomed in my living room. The flower was white and purple. I could not do white so went with pinks and purple…

Hi Akunn - The orchid is really nice and you clearly have several layers already for a nice combination of colors. I’d suggest you try even more layers so you can get a bigger range of value on the green leaves and the flower petals. That highlight is great and brings my eye right to that flower.

I don’t know if you watch Matt’s weekly critique, but it is the one thing I make sure to do every week since it takes less than a half hour. He frequently talks about the importance of “value” and how to obtain a good range in a piece of art.

Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Terri Robichon


These are quite lovely. I find orchids are not always easy to draw. You’re doing great!