Pine Marten plays peekaboo

Just came across this picture of a pine marten "boommarter"in Dutch.
I used pastelmat, beige colored with Schmincke soft pastels and Caran d"Ache
pastel pencils. It measures in centimeters: 21 x 23
The bark of the tree was a real puzzle, too detailed and I lost the crispness of the animal, too grey and there was no bark left.
Also I learned that is is dangerous to put soft pastels over the picture, once I started with the pencils. All of a sudden the Marten had green hair.
So, fun to do and I learned a lot again.

The colors on the picture did not turn out very well. It has more color and value


Hi Albertine,

The marten looks cute. The focal point is clear which is the marten. It’s eyes are beautiful. The reflection of light is clear in it’s eyes.
Agree with you. The tree bark is challenging. Couldn’t see much of it’s details.
I’m attracted to the blur background that really give a good emphasis to the animal and tree bark.

Thank you for your comment and compliment