Pug on an adventure

Trying something new. I do so many closeups, thought I would like to do a picture with a pug in it, not just a picture of a pug. If that makes sense. Anyhow, a friend sent me this of her pug while they walked in her garden. Thought it was a great one to try, since I have only done simple backgrounds. I think I see lots of areas to improve on, but it’s a start.


This is great. I love it!

I like this one, you capture the pug being curious in the garden , the water and small small water fall seems southing the rocks are realistic the one the pug is on a little more detail. Over all I like it very much.

Thank you Denise…

Thank you Jim, for all of the nice comments.

I really like it…think i would be tempted to trim a bit off the bottom, though and give more variety to the leaves colors…a bit less of the bright yellow green…
Well, hope you don’t mind my honest opinion…i’m not a proffessional…

IsiAConti - I was going to say the same. I find my eye drawn to the leaves in the foreground. However, if I cover them up, I find my eye drawn more to the dog. It is a great picture though. Loving the detail, and the water is fantastic too.

Thank you Isabel and Mark. I agree. Cropped is much better!