Quebec City Street Scene

I had a holiday with my youngest daughter in Quebec City this past summer and wanted to draw a street scene for her for a Christmas gift. It was very challenging. I had started by trying to measure to line things up, then realized it was single point perspective, reviewed the lesson from 25 days to better drawing and started again. Among other things, I really struggled to show the windows opening towards the interior.

My paper was smooth, so I did not get as many layers of colour as I wanted, but overall I am happy with it. Image size 5" x 6.5" with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils.
Any comments for improvement are most welcome!


Looks awesome! You should share this in the Christmas presents thread! As for advice, just keep practicing with the different point perspectives! Have you seen this post? One Point Perspective - Linear Perspective

Thank you, I will repost in the Christmas thread as well. And thanks for the lesson link, I had not seen that one.

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