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Hello, all. I’m sure it’s me, but not certain if my previous post made it to this board. I’m returning after a year out of the program. Missed the coordinated learning!! I’m going to share a couple of pieces I did for a friend in 2019. Didn’t do much in 2020 except stay home. Both of these pieces were on PastelMat with a base of PanPastels and Polychromos pencils for building the details.


These look great, really like their eyes. I do coloured pencil drawings but not tried pan pastels, it looks to work well. I did sand some pastels and brushed them into the back ground of a picture. Hope you re going to do some more

Nice to have you with us (again). I love these two drawings. The expression one each dog’s face is definitely a great focus point. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you, Patricia. These two were quite the challenge. The Rottie was quite a dark photo and the Catahoula was an awkward angle. But they were fun. The family loved them both. Sadly, the Rottie, Thor, passed on only a few months after this was finished so they were glad they had this drawing.


Thank you!. I plan on it. At the moment, I’m looking for a photo that inspires me.

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This is great. I love it!

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Lovely drawings, the eyes on the second dog are amazing.

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