Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

This was the last house we visited before leaving the UK to settle in Peru. I took a number of photos as i thought the bile of the car looked really good against the house. The car doesn’t belong to the house. The car owner was parking it in the capper when the head gardener suggested parking it on the front. It was only there for 2 hours while the owner visited the house.
Move on a few years and I had just finished the Realistic Drawing course and all those reflections in the Porsche - this seemed like a good idea at the time. I hadn’t noticed how much detail was in the house, neither the reflections on the car!
The paper is slightly off white and a selection of graphite from 2H to 4B was used, with some areas blended.


WOW! Interesting subject, So details. Did you take a picture for a reference


Yes, I took a number of pictures. I started drawing in April of last year - before that I mainly took photos and entered in various exhibitions and contests.

This is wonderful. I love it.

Who doesn’t like a Rolls? You have done a fantastic job with this drawing. You nailed those reflections so well. The level of detail in the background is great. Thanks for sharing. (By the way, I love your dried flower photographs on Pixabay)