Sapporo Museum Art Fair

My pen drawings are now exhibited at Sapporo Art Museum in Sapporo Art Park.
This is how our booth looks.

Sapporo Art Museum advertised for art galleries located in Hokkaido who want to show their artworks at the museum from 19 Dec 2020 to 14 Feb 2021. Sapporo Art Museum is a public museum so they usually do not look for private galleries who want to use their facility for exhibitions. But I hear that one of their planned exhibitions was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic so they wanted to fill the slot with something different. They decided to host a new exhibition called “Museum Art Fair”, where they would introduce 12 selected art galleries in Hokkaido and provide the galleries and artists with an opportunity to showcase and sell their artworks. Otanoshike Gallery, the local gallery I have been working with, has been selected as one of the 12 galleries and the gallery manager asked me to exhibit some of my pen artworks. So I decided to join them with two other local artists.

The lady in kimono is Yuko Yamada, the gallery manager. The lady in the middle is a staff member of Sapporo Art Museum. The gentleman on the right is Ken Chiba, a pastel artist who was trained in art while he was living in the UK and was working there for a long time. He moved back to Japan years ago and have been creating tons of fabulous pastel works, many of which have been showcased at Otanoshike Gallery.
My artworks are exhibited in the dark-red circle which looks like the rising sun. Using a red background was an idea of the gallery manager, with which I agreed. I did not know that they were going to make it circle, but it looks great, bringing about some Zen atmosphere to the booth filled with square things.

Some photos while they set up the booth:

A tour video of the entire floor is here.

Newspaper coverage:

I myself am not going to visit there because we’re told to refrain from going to Sapporo right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. But I look forward to getting some responses online from the viewers during the exhibition period.

Hope you find these photos interesting :blush:

【update 11 Jan 2021】
I don’t sell my original art works, so I just placed some prints of my artworks and my pen-drawing manual series.
A few days ago, they told me that somebody bought a print of “camouflage failure” and the “the fundamentals of ballpoint pen drawings”.
This is such a great news because this means I can contribute to the museums’ and the gallery’s sales a bit, as 15% of my sales goes to the museum and 10% to the gallery :wink:

:cherry_blossom:camouflage failure :cherry_blossom:

:black_nib:fundamentals of ballpoint pen drawings :black_nib:


What an amazing opportunity! I hope many people visit the museum and see your space. Best wishes.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Marise. A happy new year to you! :cat2::two_hearts::cake:

updates added on 11 Jan 2021 :+1:

Wow! This is fantastic. Great post… It’s posts like these that need some recognition. Unique and interesting! Peace :v::jp: :it:

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Hi Daniel, sorry for my late response. Thank you so much for your cheerful comment. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: :cat: