Gallery shows videos

Hi everyone,

My gallery manager has some videos of the shows that I had this year.
I will share them with you here if anyone is interested in how the shows were like.

The first one is the Museum Art Fair held in Sapporo. I joined this exhibition as one of the three artists representing the local gallery I have been working with.

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The second one is covering my solo exhibition at the local gallery held in July.

Hope you enjoy the videos :wink: :tumbler_glass: :cat:

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Beautiful! It is very exciting seeing your art in such a context. It is very different than just seeing an electronic image. Of course, in person would be better, but video is about as good as it can get for most of us. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much for looking at the videos and your kind comments Ginny :blush:
Being the owner of my own artworks, I don’t have a chance to see my drawings this way unless I use some rental galleries because the artworks are usually kept in plastic sleeves in my file. So, gallery shows were quite an experience for me too ! :cat: :smiley: :+1: