Sharing my graffiti

I haven’t planned on sharing my graffiti here, but @lilnora said she’s interested so…Here it goes.


And this is the biggest one I’ve done so far. I don’t consider it my best work, it’s quite hard to work on a scale this large + unfriendly terrain in front. It took me 16h of work. And this is me in front of it.

These are great!!! Good art makes for beautiful and expressive ideas or a conversation starter. Or is it - Walls are a blank canvas to show that is used for expressing an artist’s creative imagination. “This is mine to share with others.” It is difficult to say which one I like the most. Maybe the middle one But all of them are good. Keep up the good work. While some do not like this type of work, I think they tell a story. Identifies one’s imagination to do this work. I’m guessing, maybe in correctively, that “TIGER” is your signature showing that you did it. I sign my first name and I rarely date my works. This shows that you are very proud and want to share your graffiti. If you do any other medium, I’d like for you to share them, too. Thanks for sharing!!! :wink:


I don’t mind graffiti if it is done with the permission of the property owners. In fact, some of it can be very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:

By the way, I really like the third one with the sunset colors. Lovely.

That’s like saying you like the fish, but just the ones which don’t swim.:wink: The one you like is done without permission, and it shows the motives of my hometown. It represents my love for my town. I’ve painted it a month before I had to move. Nevertheless, thank you for your comments.

These are great. Love them

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That is really great work.
Something different here for
us to see. Thanks for sharing , you have a community of artists that appreciate your talent

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Thank you @Denise and @tomee43. We who paint graffiti are often missunderstood by common people. So most of us share our work just among our circle of graff painters. This is why you don’t get to see this stuff on art pages like these. But I’m glad you appreciate it. I, personally do not see myself as vandal. I try to make some thing beautiful for people to enjoy watching. I really believe direct action is the way to make everyone’s lives better. You can say I’m an idealist.

Would love to see one done with Chili Peppers. I love the green and reds.

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Thanks for sharing the ‘new’ ones. I like Felix the Cat! And the number to number one as well! Aren’t glad you posted here???

Lenora André

That’s a great idea! Thanks! I’ll consider it.

Yeah, I’m glad. To be honest, I’m kind of bored with the graffiti artists. Most are egocentric people not wanting to give some construcive critique. Sometimes I feel I need to step away from that circle and get more close with other artists, to get better in my field.

Don’t get discourage doing art. Sometimes it is a good idea to ‘step back’ from the medium you are using. Just keep going with your ideas (in a sketch book) and post those drawing here so we can see what you are doing. I step back from one medium to another. I have not posted here for a while, but plan on doing so soon. I broke my kneecap back in October and I am still in a brace, but taking PT. I pray I never do this again. I just need to look where I am stepping. LOL!!! We love your ‘stuff’ and look forward to seeing more. Hang in there. Stay with us, too.

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