Soft Pastel landscape 15x18

Here’s the finished landscape that I started four months ago doing very little at a time because of aaaaaaaaaaaall the rocks and trees My son asked me to paint it for him just as it is. So it’s a lot going on in there.
15x18 on pastelmat paper with soft pastels.
"Hiking at Devil’s Hall, Guadalupe Mountains "

Critiques and honest opinions welcome. It was challenging for sure

Reference picture


Hi Sonia - OMG can’t believe how great this is. You are a drawing machine these days. The texture of all those rocks is spot on. Your son will absolutely LOVE IT and LOVE YOU for doing this for him.

Terri Robichon

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Hello Sonia @Meme5 , you should be really proud of this one. Your skills have really seemed to accelerating at a fast rate. Your last several submissions have been superb. This one is no exception. I think you accentuating of the lighting really plays to your benefit. Your details are spot on and artwork is truly more inspiring than the photo. Your son should love this one.


Holy cow! That is simply amazing! The patience it required for something this detailed and large is something I don’t know if I have. Maybe eventually!

Way to go. I love it the way it is.


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Well done- I love the light in your rendering

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If it weren’t my own son’s request, it would’ve ended up stashed in the land of never art…it was on the tedious side to say the least…:hot_face:
Very satisfying to consider it finished….


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WOW! You captured it! What wonderful control and great job sticking with it. I am sure your son loves it

It’s lovely Sonia, much more interesting to look at than the original. I love your colours in the rocks and that sky is brilliant! Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough to critique but I know what I like. What brand of pastels did you use? I’m keen to try soft pastels as well, I love the depth of colour you can achieve with them. Have you tried other surfaces than Pastelmat?
Cathy x

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@Thank you for your nice comment. I used nupastels, rembrandt, and sennellier soft pastel sticks, as well as carbothello, faber castell, cretacolor, and conté a paris pastel pencils. Also i’ve used the pastel canson mi teintes paper, and regular bristol paper that I covered with acrylic clear gesso to give it “tooth”. Also gesso board.