Spoonbill Colored Pencil

My neighbor is a wildlife photographer and has shared one of her most recent photos. This is a copy of the reference and my pencil drawing.


very nice Jody!

I particularly like the water distortions- none of which - in my own graphite drawings, seem easy to do figure out.

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Great Job! Fantastic!

Very nice. I like keeping the focus on the bird with the dark background.

Such positive comments; thank you all.

Right off…I like it…I do notice it needs something in the front to appear 3 dimentional…as well as in the background. Also, perhaps a bit brighter? or more contrast? (by more use of complimentary/darker shadow?)

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I really like it. I collect flamingos of any type. Maybe a little darker around the edges of the bird. and fading out to the color of the dark gray paper so that it will pop a little more, But, it is a great drawing. Maybe a little grass.


Love it, that is great work.

I love this! The colors are striking on the black paper. Great job!