Starting back slow and easy

I’ve been here a little while and I am in ‘awe’ of what I see y’all doing. I have been away from my drawing and painting for more than I care to admit. I think I need to start small (simple) and get some confidence again. Everything I have seen so far is very detailed and I want to get to that point again. I need to take pictures of some of the things I have done in the past when my works were a lot better than I think I am now. I put it down, packed it up, and now I think I am never going to be able to go back and learn it all over again. Matt & Ashely teach the same way I learned from private lessons back in my HS years.

I think I should just think I am new to drawing/painting and not even ‘try’ to catch up. I am very hard on myself and I know that nothing is perfect. But, I sure want it to be for myself. I stay confused about a lot of things.
Lenora (“lilnora”)

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Don’t be concerned about what other people are doing with their art.
Do not let it disturb you. I agree in starting with simple things first and build your self up from there. Go for it. Don’t give up!

Thanks, Denise. I am trying to work small and build up. I think there must be 2 of me, one who could draw before falling down the kitchen doorsteps and the one after that. I think that I am beginning to see the light. I did one of the first (if not the first) picture of the 25 Days of Drawing Better. Made me feel good to do it.

I am just really hard on myself. Always have been. I don’t know anymore how to post a picture for others to see and maybe give me some good directions. I sign my pictures when I think I have them as good as they get, and never touch them after that. Even when I later see something I did that later jumps out at me as needing some improvement. For example, the picture of my youngest son and his wife kissing in the Catahoulia sunrise. I thought that I had successfully posted it, but I have not seen it (yet). Had to get my IT to put a ‘shortcut’ to get to the new community site. Still trying to figure it out; but I think it might be easier. Maybe.

Then, what do I do? I jump right back in on something I will just put away because it is just too complicated. I thought I had saved some pictures for my file on things I might want to post here. But, apparently, they did not take. I think trying to scan them only makes them fade out. I thought they were on my desktop (not on my laptop). I tried scanning them, but that did not work. Some I will just have to take pictures of them and save them to my laptop from my cellphone. I can do that. A lot of them were things I did years ago, before I got injured and disabled from my job. I look at them and ask myself, ‘why can’t you do that now’? A lot of these I did when I was auditing a class at the Jr. college. When the professor found out that I wasn’t going for a college credit she chastised me in front of the others because I was taking up a spot that some other student would have been excluded from. I was doing this for fun, not for a grade. I did not want to have to go through all the core courses before I could actually be in a classroom full of art students. Well, so much for all that.

I guess we do things that we do for a reason and we just have to believe it is for the best. I am just in ‘awe’ of what some here can do. The tarantula that was done, looked like it could jump off the page. Another one done in pastels looked like it was almost a photograph. So very detailed.

Well, time for me to close up the laptop and go to bed.