Succulent in soft pastels

I’m almost done working on this succulent. It’s on a pastelmat 7x5 (can’t remember exact size) with pastel pencils. Still have a few petals to finish adding details to plus edges to cleanup. I’m leaving the background plain brown, unless anybody has a not so major change suggestion.
The blurry pebbles background on reference photo is not my favorite to spend a long time doing .
Critiques welcome!


Finished my succulent. Used a gray pastelmat 7x9.5


I love the colours and the form of the succulent. Well done

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Thank you @Kathy_uk. I really enjoyed the process. I had never used only pastel pencils until now. I used a lot of colors and omitted some petals/leaves than I covered up with the brown pastel. Used a sennelier pastel stick to paint the background brown.

OH SONIA - this is just WOW!!! Is this one of the lessons, because I absolutely LOVE IT. Your skills are evolving and it’s a pure delight to see your work.

Terri Robichon

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That is very realistic. Want to transplant that one in a pot at my house! Help it the excellent work.

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Thank you, I’m happy how it turned out, as opposed to the one before it that wad made with colored pencils.

Thank you @robichon,

I’m happy to say that it was my own trial and error. I consider it a success, but I tried to draw one with color pencils which I ruined after using pencil solvent thingy -twice-on background and couldn’t salvage it. I should’ve burned it while the solvent was still wet so I moved on to drawing the successful one with my beloved pastels :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Unfortunately, we all have to go through a few of those to get the good ones!

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This succulent–I can FEEL the plants texture through your art! :scream: That’s crazy and amazing! Well done! :smile: :potted_plant: :clap: