This is not a spoon - You Tube Lesson

This was a nice surprise to see on YouTube yesterday.


Very nice!!! I need to check you tube more often!! I love this so much!


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The upside of working from home, I’m browsing You Tube throughout the day on my personal PC.

This is great. I love i. Wonderful.

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Thank you Denise.

When I was watching the video I said “Oh that’s a very fancy spoon, we have nothing this fancy” my husband says, do you need a spoon for drawing, I have an old camping one, thinking I needed one as a tool.


I heard about this lesson on the live lesson. Will take a look at it later. Looks like the same ones my mom used when I was growing up. Lovely job, nice reflections.


I’m just watching this video now, curious whether you used the mars blacks or normal graphite. I don’t own the pecils, so I’m looking for the best replacement, thinking charcoal or very dark (up to 9B) graphite?

Hi @Jennilein I used the Mars Blacks, I’m sure you could also use normal graphite.

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oh nice! Thanks for sharing and adding more to my to try list!