Traditional Sketches & Studies

I do sketch studies to help me improve, especially at character art. It allows you to draw different emotions and perspectives, without coming up with it from scratch. It also helps me piece the character together as something more than just a flat picture, so that I can eventually draw him/her on my own. And it’s just fun! Changing up the medium from pencil to pen was also very interesting. :grin:


An excellent way to practice. Very well done. Everyone starts from scratch and builds themselves up from there. I do a lot of non objective paintings. But then I move on to a butterfly or birds. Something like that. Still abstract, but I am doing something other than non objective. It is more challenging too.

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Thank you @Denise :smile: Yes, I think even if you draw things you won’t use or that is outside of your comfort zone, you will either A. end up using it somewhere anyway and/or 2. It improves your skills, even if you don’t notice yet. Challenging yourself is a great way to learn!

I like these sketches. Look like you had fun creating. I got myself a sketch book a while back but have yet to start using it. I find myself doing projects more than sketching even though I know I should do sketching also. Thanks for sharing,

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Thank you @Ken_H ! Yes, they were fun to study and replicate. LOL, the funny thing about sketchbooks is that when you finally do decide to crack it open, you’ll fly through it and find yourself in need of another one :upside_down_face: