Tree frog on a Branch

I liked what i had done untill i played with a gel white pen. I think the piece is okay but the white pen changed what i was looking to get out of it. Thoughts on the pen work or any other part you pick up on. Always open to critiques.


Well, I know next to nothing about white gel pens :sweat_smile:, but I think that it looks great! Interesting how you omitted certain leaves which makes the frog more of the focus!

Did you use bright white paper? With a good electric eraser, you can get the highlights you want by erasing the graphite.

But I do love the frog! The shading and shape are spot on

I had trouble with gel pens. Sometime they thickened up on me. Maybe mine are old. You work looks great with it. Love it. You could also try white charcoal or white colored pencil.

Lovely frog. You’ve captured it just perfectly. The white gel pen may be just a tad too bright in the highlight. White charcoal may have been better as this could be toned down with graphite if need be.

Thank you, I will have to try white charcoal. Thats a good suggestion

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Thank you, I will experiment with charcoal or colored pencils.

Its Bristol Vellum paper and yes white. I couldn’t pull the highlights out like I wanted probably because I’m very heavy handed (still trying to control that) and laid a lot of lead down. But thank you for your suggestion…oh electric erasers are great I own 2.