Trident shadow(soft pastel)

I bought my DSLR first time about ten years ago and participated in a photo-shooting tour the next day I got the camera. Recently I checked my old photos taken using this DSLR again and found a good one for pastel drawing. So I gave it a try.

Unfortunately, I lost the DSLR in 2013 while I was travelling in Madagascar. A robbery on the street. Even more unfortunately, it was the first day of our ten-day photo-shooting tour. The DSLR did not come back, so I had to do all the photo-shooting in Madagascar with my compact digital camera… :sweat_drops:
It was such a terrible experience, but gave me a good chance to rediscover what I can do with my compact digital camera. Since then, I have been using only my small camera and I am quite satisfied. :smiley:

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What a horrible thing to happen. Not only losing the camera, but being robbed on the street. I’m glad you are okay.

The artwork is lovely. I cannot figure out the “trident”, though. :slight_smile:

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Hello Ginny, thank you so much for your kind comment.
Oops, you cannot figure out the trident? That is a very serious issue, I turned pale when I read your comment. Maybe you can figure out the trident I mean by this?

Or, maybe I take the English word “trident” in a wrong way. Do you have some recommendations for the title of this piece? This work as well as the reference photo was created solely for expressing the interesting configuration of the shadows on the ground and therefore no message or figurative meaning is behind the work. For this reason I thought the current simple title was most appropriate, but if it makes you puzzled, I must change it. Thank you so much for pointing it out anyway.

Yes, I still remember the terror when I was assaulted by the guy in Madagascar. I was taking photos in a quiet alley close to Antananarivo and he was just one of the passers-by who looked as though totally indifferent to us tourists there. When I passed him on the road, he suddenly grabbed the strap of my camera and tried to take it forcefully. I had heard that there was somebody who lost his finger as well as the ring when assaulted by a robber on the street somewhere in South America, so I did not try to resist or fight the robber. He did not use any knives or guns so I had no external injuries. All I had was internal bleeding around my eyes, which made me look like a villain even worse than the robber. After I came back to Japan, I filed an insurance claim first time in my life and took the money back good enough to buy another DSRL, but I did not do it. I thought that it was no wonder that for some local people we looked quite show-offs. So I decided not to use a huge camera when travelling abroad. For some time after this incident, I was more agonized by my own fear, than my physical injury, that any passer-by may turn into a robber at any time when I was walking through the crowd in Tokyo. Robbing others’ belongings is sinful enough but making the victims distrust the people around them is even more inexpiable. :-1:

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Yes, I understand your fear and how long it takes to get over things like that.

As for trident, it means three pronged or three toothed, like a fork. I don’t know what would be a good title for the picture. What are the shadows from? Where is the place? What were you thinking when you took the photo? There are many ways to choose a title. I’m sorry if I threw confusion into the mix. I was just wondering… :wink:

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Great work. I love it.

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Thank you Denise! :beers: