Underpainting lesson in acrylics

Decided to not glaze with color, instead created mist and extended the scene with a 2nd painting to make 2 parts creating a complete scene.


Breathtaking, felt the grandeur of nature as if I was there

I love multiple small pictures to make a larger picture. This is very nice. I think I would darken the dragon to equal the tall tree in the other picture. Or maybe parts of him that show through the mist. I think he gets lost in the background. I like your trees, rocks are good too. Thank you for sharing.


very expansive! out of curiosity how big does this make the combined painting?

Camouflage to surprise his prey.

These are two 9x12 canvas pad sheets, so combined it’s 12” high and 18” wide.

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Great job on extending the scene, looks very natural. Perhaps a bit more tone on the dragon and a shadow underneath him. Does he have a tail? Well done.

Great. This is wonderful.

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Yes he does have a tail. This is early am misty morning with no sun shining to create shadows.

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Seems the dragon needs more contrast?..or to be darker and more details…That one tree on left needs a longer branch or two to the right side of it? (to balance it?) I like the misty effect in the background and the rocks and your eye is drawn all around…

So much detail, I love the pathways up the mountain. Because they are much lighter in value than the forefront it appears they are receding which looks good. I might suggest adding shadow under the dragon so it looks like he’s sitting on the rocks in lieu of floating. You have lots of patience for such detail. Thank you for sharing, Jody

Very interesting. I think I would darken the dragon to make it look like he is actually a part of the first one to pull him out. Just the dragon. Did you have both on an easel like you were painting them? Lenora

i agree with Lori re the Dragon. He is in the foreground and should be a stronger element in the picture.