Watercolor and ink nest

Watercolor and ink suits my OCD personality. And I like being able to leave it half finished if I want.


Love this and I would not know that it isn’t finished. It looks great! Do you ever go back, pick it up, and finish it/them? My theory is, if I am satisfied with it, I sign my name and never put any more look in it again. My favorite medium is oils but, I do try other mediums and I mix it up. I give most of my work to family members. I’ve got 3 things I am thinking about doing for them. One is my oldest granddaughter’s chocolate lab in pink flowers (Knox likes the color pink). She wants it ‘big’ to hang over her bed at college (for a headboard). The middle granddaughter wants anything ‘blue’. I’m thinking I need to do something for my 3rd granddaughter; but, when I ask she says, “I don’t know.” Must be her age. My 4th granddaughter wanted sunflowers in pink (they do grow that way, but I am only used to the yellow ones). I thought that they looked too much like zinneas so I went back and put in some yellow ones. I will figure out something to do for the 3rd granddaughter. Need to ask DnL what she might like. One for my son of him holding a turkey by the legs. I’m thinking of doing that with a palette knife. The one I want to start is a ‘flying peacock’. Very large and very detailed. It might be something I work on for weeks at a time or just a couple of days at a time. But, as I said, if I sign my name to it, I never go back and work on it because I find when I do, I only mess something else on it trying to correct it.