What Anxiety Looked Like Today

Hi Everyone, Im not sure how to even explain…other then this is what my anxiety looked like to me compared to the way it felt. I just picked out what colors felt “right” and literally ploped them to paper. It felt better to get it out and then move on. I guess my biggest realization is when i looked at it later and even now…somehow i find my anxiety “pretty” and not nearly as ugly as it originally felt…life lesson today i guess.


Soothing to the soul! Love it when that happens! :heart_eyes:
Is it watercolor?

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Thank you so very much❤️

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Oh sorry…yepper watercolors…Daniel Smith.

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What a great way to get the anxiety moved from inside to outside so you can look at it. I’ve always chosen writing, but I’m inspired now to try making art out of it. I hope your mind is more peaceful this evening. :sunrise:


Sorry you were suffering from anxiety but you did create a beautiful piece of art. What a great idea to just let your emotions out on paper. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful abstract expression of the anxiety you felt this day. I hope that by the time you receive this that your anxiety has calmed down.


You I find art releases a lot of anxiety, no matter what kind it is. I do a lot of abstract and it is amazing how it releases a lot of bad feelings actually any art. Good job.

Wow! Thank you for your trust in thus great community by sharing your anxiety.

I like to give my biggest emotions a personality and if I don’t want them right noe or don’t have the time to deal with them right now, I give them a children’s book and let them sit on my sofa.

Never tried to picture them.


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