Working hard on understanding depth and shading

I’ve done a great deal of landscape art. But I’m still working on shading and depth. The center of this drawing was an attempt to cover up something. Didn’t work well. But it is what it is. any help, suggestions, comments?


Well, the problem that I see in you trying to cover up something is that the initial drawing was too hard. It left grooves in the paper. When you are drawing, it is a good idea to use your pencil lightly. If you want darker marks, you can use a darker pencil and go in layers. Just my thoughts and suggestion for this particular problem. Keep at it.

The depth on the top portion of bricks comes across well! And the central part doesn’t look like a mess up, it reminds me a video game where you “jumped” into paintings on the wall, and the canvas would ripple like that :upside_down_face: Keep up the great work! :smile:

I can see the possibility of a vortex coming out of the mess in the middle. Maybe using an electric eraser or something to create th vortex in the middle will give you the depth you’re looking for.