Stuck on the stream in pen and ink

I made it all the way to the rocks with water flowing over them but I cannot get the pencil drawing to make sense to me after I draw it.
I even tried putting graphite on the back of the paper and tracing it but it was too light.
I am going to need a few more days to get m confidence up for this one.

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Can you show a picture of it?

I am like you just trying to figure it out as I am starting out. You can try and do as I have been doing and that is finish the drawing as best as I can . The parts that I don’t like or are just plain wrong I start another drawing and work at making those parts that I missed up better. The picture of the barn with the tree and mountains I think I have drawn it 10 times as I work on the things I am try to fix the other stuff gets easier. Anyways that’s what I have been doing. Wish you luck and fun

I will send a picture of it later. I figured out that I was not using a soft enough pencil on the back so it didn’t transfer dark enough to the Bristol paper.
Now I need to get up the nerve to do the ink part.