Zebra on the Serengeti

I found this unusual mat and painted the zebra as its compliment. Prismacolor colored pencil on Stonehenge paper. Reminded me of the Serengeti


Very well done. Love it.

WOW!!! Love it the grass on the (if that is the mat) makes me feel/think like you are hiding in the grass to look at the zebra and he has heard you and wondering, “Is this a friend or foe, maybe I should run, maybe not.”


The grass is on the mat. I found the mat and frame in a thrift store and just knew it would be good on this painting. Glad you like it

Actually. LOVE it! I drew a picture of cherry blossoms and took it off on the mat. Not framed. As soon as my husband and I clean out my studio and I am able to find it, I will post it here.

Did you put the mat right up again the back of the frame and then cover it with the frame and glass or is the frame sitting down like the frame is in a shadow box? Or did you just put the framed picture over a piece of mat? It looks the perfect any way you did it . But when I looked at it longer I could not tell., it was like staring at the framed vase or two faces by Edgar Rubin - “do you see a vase or 2 faces?” When I stare at it is hard to know how it is framed with the mat, but I am also looking through readers that might not be the correct strength. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: Oh, wait, I’ve got forgot to remove my sunglasses. :rofl:


Its actually triple matted. Two brown mats and then the mat with the grass. The painting is mounted behind all the mats, then glassed and finally a frame around all. (Frame not shown her). Final size is 15" x 15".
Pleased that you like it.

So good! In fact, great!
Thanks for posting this Jody.

Thank you all for such encouragement

Only one word: Beautiful!