A Redwing in the snow, trying to follow the instructions of Matt about snow

In The Netherlands we really have some snow. Lots of birds in our small garden. And after 9 years even 2 redwings! Not possible to make a picture, but surprise: we went for a walk in the woods and discovered this redwing, who was trying to hide. My husband looked carefully behind the tree and the Redwing tried to blend in the tree, little head high. So we left him at once, but there was a picture. So this is my 3rd challenge with snow, after I listened to Matts instructions in the last Members Minute. Not there yet, but learning.


This is wonderful! I love it.

Hi Albertine. I saw Matt’s critique and advice. I think you are right. In this image, the snow looks like snow. The blues and light purple give it dimension and I see it clearly as snow. Great job! Thanks for sharing. (Good looking bird too).


Thank you, your compliment gives me a boost, all the best to you, Albertine

For sure, snow is a difficult one to translate onto paper, but I think you did a great job!! And, by the way, excellent job on the Redwing bird.

Thank you, it is so welcome to get positive feedback. with a colourful wave, Albertine


That is really nice!

Also, love the story that you have to go with it!

Thank you, yes it was such a nice experience, a bird playing hide and seek.
All my best to you, Albertine

Very good detail and values. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, that is one of my goals, to get the value right. Thank you, Albertine