Colored pencil buildings

I am taking an art class at our local art museum we had to choose a painting from the gallery and reproduce in colored pencil. It is a small piece 7.5x6" but still took me around 15 hours. This was one of the more difficult colored pencils pieces I have attempted! I did not use a ruler and it doesn’t look exactly like the painting, but I was very happy with the vibrant colors.


@junenez WOW! Amazing drawing. The colors are beautiful!
Is it on canvas?

June @junenez , that is very vibrant. Painting another Painting is probably more difficult than the original source. You are starting 1-2 levels of abstraction or more. Great job!



Thanks! The original is oil on canvas and quite large. I did the colored pencils on white paper.

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Thanks! I had a lot of fun with the vibrant colors and many layers of colored pencils!


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Wonderful work. I am not surprised that it took 15 hours. There is a lot of work in there.

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@junenez - I agree with the others. This is great with wonderful colors. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Robichon

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Thanks Terri - It did take a bit of time to get those vibrant colors!

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Thanks! Even though it took a bit of time, I found it quite relaxing

This is great! Love it.

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Remarkable! Thank you!

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This is very good and amazing lines without a ruler. You’ve got an amazing amount of detail on a small piece….great work!

@junenez ….That’s certainly is a lovely painting, but I think you might have mistakenly posted the original??


are you being funny? no that isn’t the original.

Thanks ReetPetite. It was fun to do and a neat challenge

No sorry @junenez I wasn’t trying to be funny, I’ve just never seen that type of thick, impasto-like lay down achieved with coloured pencils before…. very impressive :blush:

Oh wow - thanks Cathy. it is a lot and lot of layers!

Very nice, especially with no ruler, looking at all the straight lines I would have assumed you used a vanishing point with a straight edge, the colors are beautiful also.

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Wow June,

This is amazing! Great job! Not to show my ignorance but who is the original artist?

Great work June.



THanks! I had alot of fun. He was a local artist. If you want to learn more about him check out the linke.