Dried ink in fountain pen

This is a continuation of conversation from tonights live lesson. I have a sailor fude pen I allowed to dry out. I soaked it for a few days in water, then refilled the cartridge, let it sit nib down and even I tried running the nib under water to get it working. I ended up turning the cartridge screw to force ink through. it seems to be working now but I need to learn how to take proper care of these pens. there were many suggestions but Nicole suggested I message her in the Community. not sure how to do that but I welcome any advice from anyone. The fude (bent) nib is really fun to experiment with.


If you click on the T in the right-hand corner, you will see an envelope. Click on the envelope and scroll down to the bottom and click more. When you get to the right page click on new message and put in the first letter of Nicole’s name or forum name. That should get you there.


tried this but couldn’t find Nicole’s name in the list. I’ll see if she’s in the live lesson chat tonight.