Getting Sketchy Acorn in Charcoal

Here is my rendering of the acorn from the Getting Sketchy last Wednesday. It was a fun one to do since I really like working in Charcoal.


Acorn in white and black charcoal 12-14-2022


Very well done. Love it.

Looks good! Getting the entire background even!

The texture on the acorn is phenomenal!

Thank you TheMustardSeedLife for your kind comment. I really enjoyed working on this alongside Matt and Ashley.

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Thank you, It was really fun! ThatOtherGuy, did you try it?

Thank you, Denise. It was a fun project.



I did it in pen and ink, but not the charcoal. Took me two times in pen and ink as I had an accident with the ink and blobbed it out while doing the hatching. The second one I got the nub on the end opposite the stem off axis and it looked odd. This one is on a different axis/rotated and I still need to try it with charcoal but I also haven’t even done the Cafe one yet, been kind of busy of late and will play catch up on the getting sketchy and probably post results in that bigger “getting sketchy” thread so they are in one place.

I just thought it odd that they put one on the wheel then changed mind about doing it “the concept of an acorn”. Why even put it on the wheel when choosing images if it’s not a good image to draw? I just felt kind of let down by that, first time bummed out by getting sketchy. I could do a lot of things if I just decided to “do the concept of a face” or “on that theme” rather than a difficult subject I chose earlier.

Oh - love this! I am a week behind still. Busy currently making xmas pjs for the family! I will get to it eventually and post here. Love your rendition!

Thanks June,

I look forward to seeing yours when you get to it! Have fun with all your business as this is a busy time of the year!!



Sometimes that happens things get changed. I have learned to go with the flow and understand that they have their reasons in any situation. We all have to make adjustments that could affect others and mostly likely if you asked you could get the original photo reference and give it a try, it may still be on the YouTube site. But I can understand your feelings in the situation.

I look forward to seeing whatever one you end up liking of your attempts.


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