Getting Sketchy Eraser Face

That eye is amazing! Good job!
If I don’t do them when they do, I usually don’t!

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June, I think that is going to be amazing. The pan pastels are my favorite medium for backgrounds at this point, especially if I’m doing an animal like my bluebirds. I love the “ghost” of the cow looking out at me. I see something beautiful in the making! What paper are you using?


Thanks for the comment on the eraser face. I was so determined to do that one no matter how long it took. It finally came down to the ink pad. Once I had the right ink pad, it came together.


Well, I just finished the eraser face from Getting Sketchy. I made myself stop at the 45 minutes and forced myself to not to redo it. So here is the raw filter of it. I am also sending a picture of the stamp pad I made. Since it has a Ziplock lid and all I have to do is add more Indian ink I can keep trying.

You can tell I did not get the knack of the process but think I will try it again with colored inks. It was definitely fun. Guess I will need to make a couple more stamp sponges - HaHa!!


These look great! I’ve missed the past few episodes / montho of stuff but was impressed by this one, I need to watch and catch up on the rest when there’s time. My Wed nights are no longer care free. :frowning:

You have been missed. I was wondering a few days ago what had happened to you. Good to see you here!


Teri - great job! I must say that was a very fun getting sketchy!

We have missed you! Hope you can join Wednesday night fun soon. It is good to see you in the forum.