Going for a hyper-realism apple

I used a combination of different apples to come up with this one. I’m still in the tight phase of the learning curve to do the water droplets. I appreciate your responses on this. Have a great day.


Looks good enough to eat. My only comment would to be a darker shade from the bottom and graduate towards the top where the lighter tones are. Brilliant just the same.


Thank you Debra! I really appreciate the input.
Of course, there’s always that “gnawing” in the back of my mind that says, “don’t overdo it!” But in this case, that would have been correct. That, and probably the cast shadow with more colors to really darken the bottom? Thank you again! Have a great day!

I think the droplets are fine. I love this.

Thank you all! I certainly appreciate the feedback.

Very realistic looking apple. Water drops on an apple has to be very hard to accomplish. I think you did a good job.

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Thank you Patsy, I really appreciate that. It took me longer than any other part of the apple. Still trying to perfect that aspect of drawing. So thank you again. Have a great day!

Hi Cojax, your apple really pops off the page, lovely colours…the only thing that I would say is to relook at the bottom of the apple reference…it looks a little flat…you are missing the shape…either with an eraser to put in a under light reflection or something? Anyway, great drawing

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Thank you for that comment. I appreciate your input.
Have a happy artistic day!

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The reference photo was like this. It had a light directly above, and there must have been extra lighting to dispel the dark shadows from all sides. I agree, it would look more realistic with a cast shadow. If I had to do it over again, I would do that. This was about a year ago that I did this one and have since gifted this to a friend. Thanks again Daniel.