Koala Mum at the ‘Sanctuary’

This was my 1st foray back into drawing after 50 years…I wanted to go to Art College when I left school but my father wouldn’t support my choice and then work, family and children came along and my interest waned and lay dormant. Lockdown triggered it again. It was inspired by a trip to a Koala sanctuary in Brisbane and is in coloured pencil.


What a sweet picture. Very nicely done. Love it.

Thank you…I appreciate your kind words.


If this is the result after a 50 year hiatus, imagine what it will be in a few months. This is lovely and so well done. Congrats!


Thanks so much. I’m drawing nearly every day now exploring different mediums and loving it!

Hi! Love it. Since you added a littlel green to this picture, I might add a little brown to the tree. I think it would make the Kaola look like the gray that it is. Just a suggestion,


I see what you mean….good feedback, thank you :blush:

WOW! I am sorry for you for not having been able to follow your own art path from the beginning, but: HERE you are!!! I love the way, mother and baby clung on each other protection/beeing protected.

Regarding the colors, yes, a bit more orange-brown for the trunk would make an almost three-color-sceme.

:slight_smile: Buddy

I agree w/Buddy, Just a bit more orange-brown to the trunk of the tree, but if you are satisfied with it I’m not sure if it needs anymore. Just a suggestion. Looks GREAT!


Thank you! I really enjoyed the subject and your feedback about the colours is appreciated and helpful.