Life got in the way of fun - Taking it back

It’s been a few months since I’d really messed up a perfectly good piece of paper. Housework, work work, vacations, birthdays, parties…you get the picture. Starting today I made time for me time. I started with one of the latest YouTube tutorials from Matt - the pastel landscape. I used the full A4 page - the lesson does it in about half the size. I really enjoyed it and zoned out for about two hours.



I love it! I can tell you enjoyed working on this piece. So glad that you’re taking back your fun place and hope you continue to do so! Thank you for sharing :grin:



Very well done. Love it.

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Hi Jane @janed
This looks good. Nice to have you back again.

Terri Robichon

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Hi Jane! Good to see you! I love your landscape. Really nice work. I hope it’s only one piece of many more to come!



Welcome back Jane. Nice job.

Thanks everyone for the positive replies :heart_eyes:

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Hello Jane,

I am glad to see you taking your life back for yourself. It is so easy to get pulled away from other events in our lives, at least for me at times.

Your pastel painting turned out lovely. Twice the size, double the time, yep - nice job!

Teri (with 1r)

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