Lunar sketch in charcoal and pastel

I finally did my lunar sketch based on the recent YouTube video. I did mine with pastel and charcoal - it was a bit of a random mix based on the color I need at the time. I want to redo it with colored pencil to see the differences but regardless this one was fun


Hello @OriNebula ,

I really love how yourscame out!

Great job! love it. I love the way you projected it.

Well done. Reminds me there are so many mediums to use.
Good job.

WOW. This is absolutely stunning!!! Yup I’ve got to do this one too.

Terri Robichon

This is fantastic!! I will atte4mt this one soon. I am glad you mentioned it on the live lesson, or I would never know it was out there.

I enjoy seeing your artwork. You are a really good artist. I hope you keep posting here.


Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’m going to try to post and read here more often. It’s a great to have such a wonderful community for artwork. Now I just need the time :slight_smile:

Beth (orinebula)

I love it! Your moon is beautiful.:heart_eyes:

Fantastic job, waiting to see how it comes out with the colored pencils.