Master's Touch Pastels

Does anyone have any experience with using the Master’s Touch brand pastels? I am a beginner and this will be my first time buying pastels. The only available art supply in my area is Hobby Lobby. I’m not sure if this would be a good brand for me to start with or if I should order a different brand online.

Hi Sylvia,

I don’t have any experience using these pastels but I imagine they are on the low end of things. I would try to find Reeves pastels. They are priced low and perform surprisingly well. This is what I suggest for beginners. Here’s a link (this is an affiliate link)…

Thank you, Matt. What brand do you suggest for the pastel pencils?

I am way late in responding to this but I just joined the forum and not fully understanding how to navigate it. You probably already got pastel but my experience with Masters Touch has been below par. It falls apart, flakes and eats through the pastel very quickly and not that vibrant of colors. I don’t care for them. The ones Matt recommends is good and I also use Prism color and Rembrandt for selected colors as those are a little more costly.

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I am not familiar with that brand. I use Blick brand. They are not perfect, but they work okay until I can afford Unison. :star_struck:

I have no recommendation, because I have only used one brand, but I thought I would just say I use CarbOthello and they are wonderful, but they have limitations, like not layering well over soft pastels. And I do not use the provided sharpener. I use a razor blade and sandpaper. The sharpener makes too short of a point and breaks the tip quite often.