Scratchboard Bee - Live Lesson

I am truly blessed to have the opportunity of seeing the wonderful art of such talented artists. Thank you, Teri for sharing.

@1kidneyJD Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate it.


We’ll all I finished my non-scratchboard, scratchboard bee. Here she is:

IMG_1842 Altered Finished Project


Hi Teri (with 1r). Congratulations on a drawing well done. It totally looks like scratchboard.

Terri (with 2r’s) Robichon

Very nice bee, Teri @TLP . Nice textures achieved.

Thank you, Terri, (with 2 r’s,

I really enjoyed it. I have a lot of clayboard, the base for the scratchboard. I have always enjoyed working on ampersand boards. I watched the video on Blick’s site and you can lay down your medium on the clayboard, it absorbs it and then you can scratch of the highlights,

I am going to give it a try, when I have some energy.

Again, Thank you,

Teri (with 1r)

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Thank you, I really enjoyed this project, it was fun using the gel pens too.