Sean and Mary Kate

My family love the movie Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’hara. So, the last time we watched it I decided to do some portraits. These are my first two.

Charcoal on toned paper 12x16.

Graphite and white charcoal on toned paper 11x12.5.


Can’t stop blinking fast. They are gorgeous! The paper colors really enhance the portraits.
What kind of paper did you use?

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Thanks, Meme5. I am using Canson Mi-Tientes pastel papers, smooth side. I love these papers.

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Great job! Love them both.

Very great likeness of both. I’m impressed as usual.

Oh my goodness Ginny! These portraits are fabulous. I missed seeing your art in here.

Wow Ginny,

These are amazing. I am still very shy about trying portraits.

Beautifully done, wonderful expressions and details.


Thanks, Denise, I appreciate it.

Thank you. It was a struggle. LOL!

Thank you, Patricia. Life happened and we moved from Central Florida to Alabama. I hope this is my last move. I am getting to old for this stuff. LOL!

Teri, I understand. But, taking Matt’s courses will help so much. Thanks for your comment. I hope so see some portraits from you, soon.

Thanks Ginny,

I do have a couple of colored ink artworks I just posted recently if you want to take a look.


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I’m sorry, Teri, but I can’t find them. Would you post the link? Thanks!

Hello Ginny,

Thank you for taking a look at my artwork. I have been really enjoying working with colored inks so lately that is what I have posted except for live lessons, etc. I hope that you enjoy these.

Here are a couple of the most recent posts:

Colored ink in stippling of a tropical fish - The Artist’s Community by The Virtual Instructor

Nighttime harbor in colored inks on black paper - The Artist’s Community by The Virtual Instructor

Stippling with colored inks - The Artist’s Community by The Virtual Instructor

These are wonderful likenesses. Do you have any life drawings you’ve done like this?

Oh Ginny, you are incredibly talented and a huge inspiration. Thanks so much for this post. Hope you continue to share more.
Terri Robichon