Snow capped pine trees

i would love somebody to teach me how to paint pine trees capped with snow
(i am new member and not sure if i can ask this)

What medium are you working with? A lot will depend on that. I know in oils I would paint the tree before painting the snow, I would get the tree how I want it to look, considering the light source. The light source would be the warmer side of the tree and snow would be melting faster on that side using a lighter hand. The snow would not be melting as fast on the opposite side of the tree so it could be a little heavier. Get your tree finished first with all the dark and lighter area . If, for example, you are using watercolors you can buy a medium that after the paining is done (or dry) you can ‘tub it off’… This can be bought at any art supply store, (Michaels, Hobby Lobby). If you live in a town with a college or university they can tell you where the students buy their supplies.

Matt has a lesson or section on how to draw trees. Hit the magnifying glass at the upper right-hand side on the blue line and type in ‘trees’ and it will throw up a whole lot of posts about trees in just about any format, from other artists.

You can always ask questions here. If you would like any of us to comment on how to do something or what they see, post the picture, and the others will make suggestions or tell you what they think should or could be done to it. Everyone is kind and helpful with their suggestions. Never cruel and they are very informative. They are just telling you what they see and how they might help you how to correct it. Hope this helps. I find my questions answered while ‘looking’ around (searching by using the magnifying glass)

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