Summertime sport

I was just working on the texture of the leather and the baseball. Overall I like the drawing, done with graphite mechanical pencils on premium recycled drawing paper. It was a nice little exercise.


Hello Dhyatt215,

I really like your drawing. i am not an expert I think you have done a really good job.


I love it, too. Reminds me of when my son played catcher in HS.


Thank you so much Teri, I appreciate the encouragement.

Yeah, it reminds me of the great summer day’s I had playing as a kid. My cousing said he felt like he could smell the sketch. I know exactly what he means. Leather and new mown grass.

Good one. My son stopped playing after his JR year of HS because of his coach. I think he could have gotten a baseball scholarship if he had stayed with it. But his coach dragged him up by his helmet [when he got back to the home plate] after making a successful rundown from 3rd base. I can still see it and he is 43-years-old. I wanted to get out on the field and scream at the coach, but that would have probably embarrassed him more. Even the opposing team’s parents in the bleachers called out for him to stop dragging him around and screaming at him. Because throwing to first would have driven in a run. Our son was very aware of what went on in the (his) field but we would not allow him to quit. After that, he would only allow one other catcher (his best friend) to use HIS equipment and he would sit on it and act like he did not hear the coach tell him to give the boy the equipment. We had purchased the entire catcher gear and it was better than the school’s equipment. The 3rd catcher was a Sophomore whose Dad was the best friend of the coach and apparently he wanted his son to play more. If he had really wanted to (even if it meant a school expulsion), he would have decked him. I’ve never seen our son so mad, never before and not now. But he is like a cat. “Wanna pet me, come on over here”


My dad also played baseball. He was a lefty, pitched all through high school and almost went to the minor leagues but, he met my mom and life took a different turn.

He just played wherever he could after that. I really enjoyed playing catch with him when I was younger. I liked rebounding for him at the basket ball hoop. You may know how little girls are with their dads.

Many good memories, and honestly I can still smell the leather of my dads old mitt.

I played baseball from 10 to 18 years old then graduated and joined the Air Force. I was under the impression I wouldn’t get any bigger but by the end of basic I was 20 lbs heavier and twice as strong. But baseball was over by then.

When our son was younger he collected baseball cards and has a locker full and 9 full baseball binders and a couple of books about some of the players. He lives out of state and really has no place to put them where he lives now. But, now they have bought a house and I plan to take them when we go back out there or wait until they come here. I’ll let him sell then, I am not going to get rid of them. I heard somewhere that collecting them is coming back in vogue and maybe he can find some family that wants them for a price, The closet is full of stuff.