Super sized tulips

This a watercolour project. I am considering framing it. The photo enclosed with the mat is one possibility, alternatively i would frame to a window that displayed the work as cut in the other photo.
The original is 40x50cm. The matting paper exposes only 30x42cms.
Which do you think is better for display?


It does seem a bit squished in the frame. But then again, the frame does help, well, “frame” it up. Also, beautiful poppies! :smile: :bouquet:

Did you notice my mis-labelling. Don’t know why but i have been calling tulips poppies all spring! Thanks for your comment. I shall get a bigger mat made - 35x 45cm window. I shall frame it in a 40x50cm frame, so the paintingveill be trimmed somewhat.

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If you moved the lily over to the left a little off the edge and made a little more negative space around it. Not too much. Than the frame would be perfect. The work itself I love.

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Hi Denise - thanks for your thoughts - here is the framed picture; it hangs in my living area. I was going to create a yet larger version, but after 3 efforts, I have had enough - at least temporarily.

Hey there. Merry Christmas and Best wishes for 2023. I have framed the painting - no mat. See below.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you as well @marrhys ! It looks beautiful in the black frame, nice choice! :clap: :grin:

I like the framed version much better. The non-framed one looks like you accidentally didn’t leave enough room,while the framed one makes it look like you did it on purpose.

So for sure the framed one is my favorite.

Yes - I did it on purpose. However I did push to the left rather too much. I chose the subject because of the way the light played on the aging blooms. So I am still not altogether satisfied with the outcome and have another smaller version drawn ready to go. Trouble is the temperature here wreaks havoc with the evaporation rate and messes with the technique I am trying to implement.

It looks beautiful hanging on the wall. Just remember what you’d like to do in the next painting.

I usually do something 2 or 3 times before doing it “for real”, then frame it to remind me to do again as I get better or not. Yours is better than I’ve seen hanging in galleries or for sale as prints so you shouldn’t stress over it.

Thank you - I take the gallery comment as High Praise!

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