Super sized tulips

This a watercolour project. I am considering framing it. The photo enclosed with the mat is one possibility, alternatively i would frame to a window that displayed the work as cut in the other photo.
The original is 40x50cm. The matting paper exposes only 30x42cms.
Which do you think is better for display?


It does seem a bit squished in the frame. But then again, the frame does help, well, “frame” it up. Also, beautiful poppies! :smile: :bouquet:

Did you notice my mis-labelling. Don’t know why but i have been calling tulips poppies all spring! Thanks for your comment. I shall get a bigger mat made - 35x 45cm window. I shall frame it in a 40x50cm frame, so the paintingveill be trimmed somewhat.

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If you moved the lily over to the left a little off the edge and made a little more negative space around it. Not too much. Than the frame would be perfect. The work itself I love.

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